Mahogany (Khaya ivorensis)

Mahogany has a colour ranging from a pale brown red to a very marked and characteristic brown red. Precious wood with fine grain, hard and easy to work, its intertwined veins form stripes. Mahogany grows in Africa and America. Mahogany is mainly used by Essenciel craftsmen in the manufacture of jewellery.


AMARANTH (Peltogyne pubescens)

Amaranth wood is a wood with little apparent veins, of an extraordinary natural violet color more or less dark. The peculiarity of this wood is that it takes its color in the sun: the more it is exposed to light, the more pronounced the violet is. Polishing strengthens its veining by giving it moist reflections that reinforces the effect of depth. It grows mainly in Brazil and Guyana



The Yellow heart tree is a hard wood of West Asia, of a beautiful golden yellow, of pearly appearance with many really beautiful shades.


CORTEX (Mespilus germanica)

The Cortex wood is a dense wood with very fine grain particularly sought after in crafts. Its polishing highlights the elegant nuances of the veins


ROSEWOOD (Dalbergia)

The rosewood, rich light brown color, can vary from beige to dark brown, is a very dense and very hard wood, symbol of robustness and longevity. Rather oily and dark graining, it emits a very characteristic smell slightly sweet when heated, and becomes superb when polished. It grows in Brazil, India, and America.