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You want to sell jewelry and watches precious wood retaining a profit margin interesting,  essenciel offers this opportunity through wholsale prices unbeatable you can enjoy hundreds of product available on our online store. Our partners for resale are all traders established who want to offer new products to their customers, as the self- employed who want to create a new business or even make some extra income. Choose your own hours, choose your own pace and enjoy the pleasure of feeling independent. Currently the essenciel creations are sold in several European countries throught jewelry shops, accessories and gifts, independent retailers, hair salons and beauty, jewelers fantaisies and sales agents. You are a click away from succes!!! For dealer and know our wholesale rates apply , please click here

The online store Essenciel present for sale complete line of fine wood jewelry exclusive design watches and fine wood reserved for professionals. 

Orders received by the online store Essenciel is deemed accepted after registration and confirmation by the online store Essenciel as an order confirmation.

Our minimum order is 250 euros tax-free for professionals 

You can give us a quote by filling this form 

The compagny essenciel introduced for all the collections presented minimal paxkaging observed to your orders. 

The prices of our items are in Euros and are tax-free, excluding delivery cost, which are calculated based on the amount of packages ( see payment ans delivery). The invoice price is the rate at the date of registration of the order. However, prices may change from one year to another, depending on the changes in costs of raw materials and fluctuations in exchanges rates. 

Order must be paid in cash before shipment by all means that are available on the site :

- by credit card ( secure online payment credit lyonnais lcl: ssl, cb, visa mastercard ect... 

- by internationnal bank of credit lyonnais bank transfert LCL - bank fees are your responsibility.

- PayPal 


Free shipping in France, excluding Corsica, Monaco and Andorra applying for orders over € 1,000 tax-free against signature

Delivery metropolitan France:

Position against the recipient's signature

In recommended against signing 12 euros HT (professionals) Colissimo

For orders up to 300 euros H.T

Position against the recipient's signature

In recommended against signing 20 euros HT (professionals) Colissimo

For orders from 350 to 600 euros H.T

Position against the recipient's signature

Colissimo recommended against signing 20 euros HT

For orders of 600 to 1000 euros H.T


OM1 area: Matinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Reunion, Mayotte and Saint Pierre and Miquelon

OM2 area: New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna

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Europe and World

1 Europe: Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Ireland and Portugal

2 Europe: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Czech Repubic, Slovakia and other countries is

World: Rest of the world

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Additional information:

Customers remain responsible for payment of duties and taxes in their country.

Customers are responsible for the accuracy of information delivery that carry us.

Customers are responsible for their choice of delivery

Essenciel disclaims any responsibility for the delay in delivery once the parcel. However, we will do our best to inform you of any unexpected retatd.

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il y a 3 mois
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Mûrier, Amarante, Néflier, Palissandre, Liège... des bois de qualités travaillés avec grande maîtrise rendent les objets uniques et robustes. Le sourire du vendeur le jour de Noël embellit également les fêtes de fin d'année plus belles ! Je recommande.
Benoit Chanceaux
il y a 4 mois
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Rencontré au marché de Noel à Perrache, les créations de Stéphane m’ont époustouflée !!! Ses montres goussets et ses montres avec le cadrans bleus sont sublimes. En plus de la beauté du stand j’ai ressenti la beauté de l’humain : sourire convivial et accueil chaleureux, un vrai coup de cœur :)
Elise Labranche
il y a 4 mois
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Jai craqué sur une superbe montre en liege acheté au marché de noel de Lyon. Abordable et de bonne qualité j'en suis ravie, j'avais déjà acheté ma bague ginko l'année dernière je ne regrette absolument pas!
il y a 5 mois
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Magnifique bijoux en bois, léger, agréable à porter, belles créations originales, un artisan méritant qui aime son métier. Belle rencontre merci ! 🌟
christine P
il y a un mois
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J’ai eu le plaisir de me voir offrir pour noël dernier une très belle montre en bois provenant de My Essenciel. Par malchance, elle ne fonctionnait pas correctement mais il a été facile d’échanger avec ce vendeur pour organiser le retour en garantie. Après quelques jours d’attente j’ai eu le plaisir de récupérer ma montre qui cette fois-ci fonctionnait. Je recommande donc My Essenciel tant pour les produits que pour le SAV.


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